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If you’re experiencing vaginal itching, burning, and pain, you may have vaginitis, which can result from an infection or alteration in hormone levels. At Dr. Emily Women's Health Center in the Longwood area of the Bronx, New York, the team can determine the underlying cause of your discomfort and provide the most appropriate care to help you get relief from your symptoms. For an appointment, call the office today or book online.


What is vaginitis?

Vaginitis refers to inflammation of the vaginal tissue. The condition can cause pain, itching, burning, and light vaginal bleeding. You may also experience pain during intercourse with vaginitis.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, contact Dr. Emily Women's Health Center for an evaluation.



What causes vaginitis?

Vaginitis can develop from many different causes. Identifying the underlying cause of your discomfort directs your treatment. Some of the most common causes include:

Bacterial vaginosis

A bacterial imbalance in your vagina is the most common cause of vaginitis. This condition is called bacterial vaginosis. You may be more at risk of developing bacterial vaginosis if you have sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

Vaginal atrophy

Also referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause, vaginal atrophy occurs due to the decline in estrogen as you reach menopause, which causes thinning of your vaginal walls and a decrease in lubrication.


Trichomoniasis is a parasitic sexually transmitted disease (STD) that often affects the vagina. A trichomoniasis infection doesn’t always cause symptoms, but it can make you more susceptible to other STDs.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection refers to an overgrowth of fungus, usually C. albicans, in your vagina.

You can also develop vaginitis if you use products that may irritate your vaginal tissue, such as douches, spermicides, or vaginal deodorants.


How is vaginitis diagnosed?

The team at Dr. Emily Women's Health Center conduct comprehensive examinations when you come in with concerns about vaginal discomfort to find the underlying cause. Your exam includes a review of your symptoms, as well as your medical and sexual history. Your woman’s health expert also conducts a physical and pelvic exam, tests for STDs, and checks the pH balance of your vagina.



What are the treatments for vaginitis?

Treatment for your vaginitis depends on the underlying cause. In most cases, your specialist at Dr. Emily Women's Health Center can cure your vaginitis with disease-specific medication, such as an antibiotic for bacterial vaginosis or an antifungal for a yeast infection. If your vaginitis develops due to personal care, then your specialist may advise that you change your habits.

Vaginitis causes significant discomfort but is treatable. For an evaluation, contact Dr. Emily Women's Health Center by phone or online booking tool today.




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