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Abortion Q & A

Important Information

1. Before you come to our office for top patients, please do not eat or drink after midnight this is crucial to ensure patient safety with general anesthesia. Patients also need to make arrangements to have a friend or family member over 21 years old to escort them home after the procedure.

2. Please leave all your jewelry at home, for we will not be responsible for the loss of your jewelry or other personal items

Medical abortion (non-surgical) commonly known as Abortion Pill or RU486 (from up to 10 weeks)

Considered to be a gentle medical abortion that is streamlined for your convenience.

  • 1st-trimester abortion is often completed within 2-4 hours / 1-day procedure

  • Abortion services are made available as early as a positive pregnancy test

  • We will verify your insurance coverage prior to the appointment (provide insurance info online or over the phone)

  • At the time of your appointment, we will discuss the Simplified 4-Step Abortion Regimen

  • Oral medications, instead of vaginal inserts, for the added comfort, safety, and convenience of today’s women

About the Abortion Pill (RU486)

The Abortion Pill (Mifeprex) has been FDA approved since the year 2000.

Medical abortion is a private choice. It allows women to terminate a pregnancy on their own terms—in the privacy of their own homes. The drug-induced miscarriage mimics a natural miscarriage.

There is a 7% Failure Rate after 10 weeks. Thus the next step is to do a surgical abortions if the medical abortion fails. That's why attending the follow-up in person it's critical in every process.

Who Can Use the Abortion Pill?

An abortion pill is an option for women within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. The length of the pregnancy is confirmed by a sonogram in the doctor’s office.

The fee for the abortion pill is $600 for self-pay patients or most insurance plans cover the cost of the abortion pill. Two office visits, two sonograms, and around-the-clock staff availability are included.”

Is the Abortion Pill Effective?

Clinical studies have found the RU486 abortion pill 97% effective

The Abortion Pill or Traditional Abortion?

We have staff available 24/7 to address your personal issues in finding the option that is best for you. We ask you to please call us if you’re experiencing any unusual discomfort than discussed in our post-op counseling.



Do you have questions about surgical pregnancy termination?

Dr. Roston explains everything about this procedure. Share this information.

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