Out Of State Dr. Emily Program


When New York legalized abortion in 1970, nearly two-thirds of New York City’s abortions were for women from elsewhere. A new surge is happening.

New York State allows abortion up to 24 weeks with NO limitations. NO age restrictions. NO requirements that you notify parents or partners, NO waiting periods.


Our Rights

In the post-Roe America that abortion rights advocates say they have long seen coming, pregnant women in many states will scrape together money, book hotels, arrange child care, and board buses, trains, and planes bound for places that provide safe abortions. New York will be one of them.



What we have for you...


10% discount for abortion services paid in cash.


We accept most insurances but for better information, please call us at 718 3957382 to confirm.


If you need more information about financial help, please go to FINANCIAL HELP.