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With advances in women’s health, you have many effective birth control options, including Nexplanon®, which is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. The team at Dr. Emily Women's Health Center in the Longwood area of the Bronx, New York, offers many effective birth control options, including the Nexplanon implant. To learn more about the birth control device, call the office or request an appointment online today.


What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is a long-acting birth control device that gets implanted in your arm and can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. It’s one of the most effective methods of birth control.



How does Nexplanon work?

Nexplanon is a hormonal form of birth control that prevents pregnancy in a few ways. First, it stops your ovaries from releasing an egg every month. Additionally, this long-acting hormonal birth control thickens the mucus in your cervix, making it difficult for sperm to reach an egg. Finally, Nexplanon alters the environment in your uterus to inhibit pregnancy.



Am I a good candidate for Nexplanon?

Your specialist at Dr. Emily Women's Health Center determines if Nexplanon is the best birth control for you during an examination. Your specialist takes into consideration your future pregnancy plans, current health, and gynecological concerns when helping you decide what method of birth control makes the most sense for you.


How is Nexplanon inserted?

Nexplanon is a simple surgical procedure your specialist conducts at the office. The device is placed in the upper inside part of your arm and usually takes less than a minute to implant.

To ease any discomfort, your specialist at Dr. Emily Women's Health Center first numbs the insertion area. Your specialist then glides the device gently into the skin under your arm. They palpate the area to ensure proper placement of the device and then wrap your arm in a compression bandage, which you need to wear for up to 24 hours.

If you had your Nexplanon device inserted within five days after the start of your period, it should be effective right away. If your device is implanted at another point during your menstrual cycle, you’re advised to use other forms of birth control for up to a week after implantation.

Your Nexplanon device protects you from pregnancy for up to three years. Your implant device can be removed anytime before the end of the three years. Once the implant is removed, you can get pregnant within a week.

To schedule a birth control consultation and learn more about Nexplanon and how it may work for you, contact Dr. Emily Women's Health Center by phone or online booking tool today.




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