Surgical 1st Trimester


Surgical 1st Trimester

Surgical 1st trimester abortion services are done in a private, compassionate, and non-judgemental setting. (5 to 12 weeks)

  • Surgical 1st trimester abortion procedures for early term pregnancies are usually done in ONE DAY
  • Anesthesia is administered so patient doesn’t experience any pain nor any recollection of the procedure

How we differ from other centers

  • We are committed to the HIGHEST STANDARDS in medical care
  • Our Board-Certified OB/GYN FEMALE DOCTOR has over a decade of experience
  • You will be given Post-Operative instructions
  • Birth control options will be discussed

For pregnancies further along up to 24 weeks a 2-step surgical abortion procedure will be performed.

Thank you for placing your trust in us for your reproductive healthcare.