When is it TOO Early for pills (RU486)/Mifepristone?


Dr. Vivian Roston and I have been discussing with increasing frequency how quite a few patients are coming to Dr. Emily Women's Health Center too early in their pregnancy seeking a medical abortion. 

It is recommended to come to the office if you are ONE week late for your menstrual period with a positive home pregnancy testDo not come to our office if you are only 3 to 4 days late for your period, because there is a high probability, a gestational sac will not be seen on a pelvic ultrasound.

Please do not come to the office with a quantitative beta HCG value of less than 1500 unless you are having vaginal bleeding, which could be a sign of a possible spontaneous abortion. 

Patients who come to our office with a quantitative beta HCG of 49 or 100 will NOT  get the RU 486 because they are too early and the RU 486 / Mifepristone tablets and the Misoprostol tablets will not work. 

Any patient who is one or two weeks late for their period with a positive home pregnancy test and severe lower abdominal pain are advised to go to a local hospital emergency room as soon as possible day or night because those symptoms could be warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy, which if ruptures can be a life threatening situation. 

Best of health to all patients and stay safe! 

Dr.Roston and I and our staff look forward to meeting you soon and
to taking care of your medical needs.
Feb. 23, 2023

Dr. Brian Park, Medical Director

Dr Emily

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