Out of State Patients…..Please Watch Out for the Price Gouging

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I have been practicing Ob/Gyn since 1993 and have seen many changes in the practice of medicine. Some are for the better and after almost three decades taking care of patients, I have realized with much gratitude, that my home and heart is in the Bronx. It breaks my heart that politicians and pro-life radicals including the Supreme Court have overturned Roe versus Wade this past summer and also that legislative bodies in Republican states in the South and Midwest have made abortion illegal.

I have taken care of patients from Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky and expect to see patients from other states in the future.  I was very upset that a patient from a deep Southern state went to another clinic up North and was quoted a price for a procedure but when she found out she was further along than her last menstrual period indicated, they told her she would have to pay over $2100 for a two day procedure.  Fortunately, she came to our office and I provided her the procedure she needed under $1000.   

Our clinic welcomes patients from the Tri-State area and also any patients from other parts of America. Please check our webpage for links to websites which will provide financial assistance to help ease your financial burden.  Dr. Emily's mission is to provide the most up to date compassionate medical care to all patients.

Dr. Brian E. Park, Medical Director, Feb. 20, 2023

Dr Emily

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