New York State “a safe harbor” for women seeking abortions

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Dr. Emily welcomes all women in the United States

At least tens of thousands of people are predicted to flock to places like New York and California, which are considered “havens” for abortion access.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is the current law around abortion access in New York?

In New York, abortion is legal at up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and after 24 weeks if your health is at risk or your pregnancy will not survive.

Abortions are covered under NYC Care a healthcare access program for low-income residents who are excluded from Medicaid. Essentially, undocumented immigrants can receive low-cost to no-cost healthcare services — including abortions — at NYC Health + Hospital locations.  

NYC  recently eliminated a 6 month residency rquirement to sign up for NYC Care. So, undocumented immigrants who are eligible can gain healthcare access as soon as they have a proof of address — though NYC Care states it can still help if an applicant doesn't have the proper documents.

The program promises “new members a primary care appointment within two weeks and access to specialty care if needed.”

Abortion Access for People Who Live Outside of New York

Visitors who don’t have New York-based health insurance have options.

New York-based organization Brigid Alliance provides logistics help, including travel, food, lodging, and child care for people seeking abortions in New York, New Mexico, Colorado and Washington DC.

New York residents and people who are traveling to New York to receive an abortion can apply for financial help through the New York Abortion Access Fund. The national Abortion Access Fund offers similar assistance.

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