Need Help Paying for an Abortion?

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You have a right to receive abortions or other medical care in your preferred language, including through the use of interpreter services.

If you are a teenager, you can get sexual health services, including abortion care, at a clinic without your parents' permission or knowledge.

Any person who can get pregnant — including transgender men, non-binary people and people of any gender who have a uterus — can have an abortion.

The decision to have an abortion is a personal one. No one should pressure you to have or not have an abortion.

We UNDERSTAND maybe you can’t get the funds for your decision as you want, but there are many ways to get a SAFE abortion.

If you are living in or traveling to New York State and are seeking funding for your abortion, please call NYAAF at 212-252-4757 and leave a detailed message. You can also email them at

Remember when you leave a Message: 

Tell NYAAF the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your phone number
  3. The best time for them to call you back
  4. Whether it is safe to say that NYAAF is calling when we leave a message.

If you do not indicate that it is safe to identify themselves, they will leave the following message: “Hi, I’m returning the message you left on our voicemail, please call me back at 212-252-4757 and tell me when it’s a good time to try you again.”

If you get this message, please call the helpline again and tell them when to call you back. They will return all messages within 24 hours.

The most important is getting a safe abortion!

You can get an abortion at many health centers in New York City.

To find abortion providers:

Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center is certified as one abortion provider.

Si usted busca ayuda financiera para realizarse un aborto. Cuente con nosotros y con NYFAA. Comuníquese con ellos al 212-252-4757 y deje un mensaje corto en español con su número de teléfono, y en cuanto puedan uno de los asesores devolverá su llamada y lo asesorará con el siguiente paso en su decisión.

Recuerde que usted no está sola. Si está en el Estado de Nueva York o en algún otro Estado de los Estados Unidos, puede tener un aborto seguro, y con ayuda financiera.

Katerin Burgos

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