Mifepristone for patients up to only 7 weeks of pregnancy.

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April of 2023 has been a tumultuous month for women who are in the position of not desiring to continue a pregnancy.  With the overturning of Roe versus Wade by the Supreme Court and the recent outrageous decision of a conservative judge in Texas to throw into question the FDA approval of mifepristone more than two decades ago as a safe and effective form of medical abortion has made
medical professionals and patients outraged at the unscientific arguments he used to support his decision to overturn the FDA approval of mifepristone for use in medical abortion. 
Fortunately on April 12th, an appeals court partially stayed the ruling that stripped mifepristone of its FDA approval.  But this ruling prohibits mailing mifepristone to patients who are out of state, requiring patients to be seen and counseled in clinics which are approved for dispensing mifepristone.  Also, this ruling rolls back the prior FDA approval of mifepristone up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. back to the previous, original FDA approval of mifepristone up to only 7 weeks of pregnancy.  
Ultimately, later this year,  the Supreme Court will take the matter of mifepristone and its FDA approval for use in medical abortion. I am concerned about how the Supreme Court will decide, but with the 6 to 3 Republican majority in the Supreme Court, I am deeply concerned.  
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