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I am outraged and so you should be too, if you have ever been repressed, victimized, mentally and physically, and had your rights to your own body taken away. 

I won’t address here about anything that has already been said about the reproductive rights in the current realm of unfair and unbelievable status, I am distraught and speechless,especially becuase I thought I live in a democratic country that values the individual's rights. There is nothing more to say but to scream out loud, “NO!” to anyone else claiming our body to be used for their political manipulations.

I am an artist, and most of my life, I lived in an ivory tower, a very privileged life of surrounding myself with books, classical music and making art as the sole goal of my life’s purpose. However chains of unfortunate events have pulled me into my current position managing a women's clinic in southern part of Bronx, NY.  And to be honest with you I have been completely sucked into an unending legal battles and other problems that seem to be impossible to solve. As a victim, facing this monstrous unfair ordeal, I am on a perpetual nightmarish roller coaster ride I can’t seem to get off.

I feel voiceless and trapped because no matter how loud I scream for help, legal or not, problems are always only mine to be solved, And what I realized, as I stood with the protest movement with women and men in midtown Mantattan voicing for the victims of terrible injustice, I simply want to say, “I see your suffering and I hear you loud and clear, I am with you!"

I will scream out loud for you and everyone to in join our fight. You don’t need to be a victim, to see the real picture of outrages decisions made by people/supreme court justices/politicians who truly don’t give a damn about anything but their own power. You don’t need to wait until you feel trapped and voiceless to stand up, for this is yours, mine, and our fight for justice, now!

Theresa Chong     

Jan.24, 2023

Katerin Burgos

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